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Lock your vehicles and Remove your personal items, before leaving it unattended.       Theft happens everywhere, at anytime.

All park volunteers must obtain a FYSA ID badge, for all leagues, participating in the Fishhawk Sports Complex. For more information, about obtaining your ID badge, 
click on the ID tab the menu.

Attention!!! ID badges will now be processed Online. Please click on the link below and fill out the form. You must Complete the entire form, as requested, to have your ID badge processed. Please allow up to 2 weeks to have your badge delivered to your league, for you to pick up at the park. 
 - You will still need to obtain your coaching certification (through the county course or online at NYSCA)
 - You will need to view the Concussion training video
 - CPR Certification 
 - You will need to submit a head shot photo for your ID badge. 

                                  FYSA ID Badge Click Here

Email: FYSABadges@gmail.com for more information 

All Park Volunteers must complete the concussion training video and print your certificate of completion.  Players are expected to watch a kid video, about concussions too.  For more information, please click on the Concussion Tab, in the menu. 

ThorGuard Lightning system! 
Click on the ThorGuard Logo, to check the status of the radar and lightning system, for the Fishhawk Sports Complex, in real time.  
  * Add this link to your mobile phone, so you can check it on the go. 
  * Coming Soon: Get text/email alert updates when the lighting system status has changed.

Lightning Detector:

The FYSA Board of Directors have purchased and installed an Advanced Warning System, for Lightning, throughout the entire Fishhawk Sports Complex. The system will alert all participants in the park when conditions become hazardous and lightning is detected within a 2-mile radius of the park.

  *When lightning is detected a 15 Second Warning Horn will Sound and the Strobe lights (located on top of the Maintenance Building will flash. 
  *When it is safe to return to the fields 3 -5 second Horns will Sound and the strobe light will turn off
  *All players and visitors in the park, Must take shelter in their cars. Do Not wait under trees, picnic canopies, or the over hang in front of the concession buildings.  The Board rooms will be closed! 

The Fishhawk Youth Sports Association, Board of Directors, would like to Thank Newland Communities for their contribution, for the ThorGuard Lightning System. 

Open Field:
The Fishhawk Sports Complex will leave 1 field open, at all times, on a First Come-First Serve basis. The open Baseball/Softball field is located in the center of the park, currently named the Fishhawk Pizzeria Field.  Individuals and families are welcome to use the field, unless it is scheduled for league use. 
 *Please note: The field will be locked, without notice, for maintenance (mowing,fertilization, sprinkler repair and rest) throughout the year. 

Maintenance Issues:
Broken sprinkler spewing water everywhere? Damaged screens, fence, landscaping, graffiti?  

Please report any maintenance issues you may find, in the Fishhawk Sports Complex 
to maintenance@fishhawkyouthsportsassociation.org 
Fishhawk Youth Sports Association
16120 Fishhawk Blvd.
Lithia, FL  33547


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