Lock Your Vehicles:

  • Theft happens everywhere and vehicles are targets, in public parking lots.
  • Please take your valuables with you, while attending events, in the park.
  • Please report any suspicious activity to your league directors.


Click on the ThorGuard Lightning logo, to check the status of the radar and lightning system, for the Fishhawk Sports Complex, in real time.

When conditions for a lightning strike exist, the following will occur from the system.

  • 1 Long 15 second horn will blast with a strobe light (on the maintenance building) indicates;
    • All Park users are required to stop their activities Immediately and seek shelter in their vehicles, away from fields.
    • Avoid open areas, isolated trees, water, metal, wire fences and overhead power lines.

When the conditions for a lightning strike are reduced, the following will occur from the system.

  • 3 short horn blasts will indicate All Clear. All park users may resume activities.


The fields at the Fishhawk Sports Complex are reserved for the exclusive use, of the Fishhawk Youth Sports Association (FYSA) leagues. All teams using these fields, Must have written authorization, from the FYSA board of directors, in accordance with the Hillsborough County Dept. of Parks and Recreation. Unauthorized teams will be asked to terminate their activity without notice.

Open Field:

The park will leave one field open, for individuals to use, on a first come - first serve basis, only when the leagues are Not scheduled to use the field.

The current open field, is the multi-use baseball/softball field, located in the center of the park and the multi-use football fields, at the front of the park.