All Park Volunteers Must obtain a FYSA ID card, to participate in the leagues, held at the Fishhawk Sports Complex and
IDs Must be worn at All Times, when on the fields, sidelines, 
batting cages and dugouts. 
Those in violation will be asked to leave the fields
held at the Fishhawk Sports Complex and

To obtain a FYSA ID Card, please follow the directions below.
1.) Submit a background clearance application, provided by your league. 
2.) Obtain your Coaching Certification. You can obtain a coaching certification
by attending one of the Free Hillsborough County classes*(see the county schedule below) 
or take the online course** at your own expense. (see below) 
3.) Watch the Concussion and Head Trauma Video and print your certificate, upon completion of the course. Type your paragraph here.

Note: At this time, the Hillsborough County Class and they NAYS online course, 
are the only County approved classes FYSA will accept. 

For Class Schedule or to Register for a Hillsborough County Volunteer Class click on the below link for more information. 

    >>>>>Register Here<<<<<

Or, take an online course through NAYS, at Your own expense.
1.) follow the link to the NAYS web site
2.) Register for a sport and take the course
3.) Review the Concussion and Head Trauma Video and Print our your certificate upon completeion.

Once you have completed the background applications, coaching certification and concussion training, complete the online ID Badge application online. You Must Complete the Form, before your ID badge is processed. 

                          Click Here for your FYSA ID Badge Application